Dispersion Modelling

Integrated Modelling Inc. (INTMOD) – Engineering, Risk, and Air Quality Consultants is a leading provider of dispersion modelling services focusing on flaring, incineration, risk assessment and other emission related concerns. We are based in Calgary, Alberta and focus on the upstream and mid-stream oil and gas industry in Western Canada. Our specialization has helped us develop a very detailed understanding of the local regulatory environment and establish relationships with major stakeholders to assist with planning and permitting on new and existing developments.

We use industry and regulator accepted modelling tools to evaluate the impact of emissions. Some of the models we use include CALPUFF, AERMOD, ISC-PRIME, SLAB, RTDM, SCREEN3, and their various derivatives. Furthermore, we have developed proprietary analytical tools to assist us in our work.

Our modelling studies are used to evaluate:

  • Compliance with the Canadian Air Quality Standards, Alberta Ambient Air Quality Objective (AAAQO), AER regulations, Saskatchewan as well as BC Ministry of Environment and the BC Oil and Gas Commission (OGC) regulations and standards
  • Wellsite flare stacks and incinerators for well clean up and testing or for pipeline blowdowns
  • Potential exposure and risk to people and the environment from accidental releases
  • Flare stacks and incinerators requirements for periodic or maintenance depressurizing and emergency upset conditions at facilities
  • Compliance with AER risk criteria for flares and incineration

Our work is helping our clients to protect their staff, the public and the environment. It is important to us that while performing this duty, we ensure the safety and welfare of our own employees and contractors.

Our risk assessment services encompass a diverse array of areas and industries. If your operation emits or releases any gas/vapour, liquids or particulates as part a normal, upset or emergency operation, we probably have something to offer. Over the last decade, we have proven ourselves on over one thousand projects that we delivered quickly and cost effectively.

We also offer services with regards to the following:

Plume Dispersion Modelling, H2S Release Rate Assessment, Radiant Heat Analysis, Geospatial Analysis, Applications to Regulators, Risk Assessment, H2S, High Vapour Pressure (HVP), Explosion, Flammability, Asphyxiation and Toxicity, Protective Action and Planning Review, Post Flaring Assessments, Real Time Modeling, Industrial Emissions, Emergency Management, Planning and Review, Rupture Exposure Assessment

For more information about Flaring and Incineration in Western Canada please go to the Flaring and Incineration page.